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Area Rug Cleaning in Gwinnett and Surrounding Cities

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services. Remove Years of Dirt and Bring back the Rich Vibrant Colors.

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The Many Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Area Rugs

Protect your investment with area rug cleaning. Area rugs complete a room’s look by adding warmth, color and texture to a space. Depending on a room’s layout and furniture placement, your rugs can be exposed to heavy foot traffic.

Area rugs and oriental rugs require a gentle but effective approach to cleaning. Rug Geek trained technicians can do an on-site analysis to determine what sort of fiber your rug is made of and the proper technique to clean it. We have cleaning solutions for all types of fibers including, synthetics, wool, wool blends, and silk.

Why should I have my area rugs professionally cleaned?

Area rugs can collect dirt, fungi, and dangerous bacteria if not cleaned regularly. This bacterium called mycotoxins can live in your rug. These are one of the most dangerous microbes, and can cause your immune system to weaken. Bacteria and fungi that meet wounds on feet can cause athlete’s foot. For a crawling baby, these bacteria and fungi can cause infections such as thrush.

Test your area rug’s cleanliness is to pick up a corner and drop it, if you see dirt and dust come off the rug, it needs a cleaning. It is safer to regularly clean your rug to avoid contamination of everything previously mentioned. How often you use your rug will determine how often you should clean it. Call today and get a quote on your area rug cleaning. Basic Tips to are for you rug.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Rug Geek realizes that cleaning area rugs is specialized service. Wool is very common material in everyday area rugs and expensive oriental pieces. Our specialized process can clean wool with no problem. 

No, although we can have them picked up and cleaned then, delivered back to you. There’s is no need to cause you the trouble. We will come out to you and clean them on-site.

Absolutely! We clean rugs everyday on hardwoods. No moisture will penetrate through the backing of the rug therefore, no moisture will touch your hardwoods. We will go out of our way to make sure your hardwoods stay dry.