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Gwinnett Tile and Grout Cleaning Restoration

Restore your tile and grout with our superior cleaning services. Serving Gwinnett and all surrounding cities

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Years of Experience in Tile and Grout Cleaning

No need to try and mop or Swiffer your tile and grout clean. Dirty mop water only gets pushed further and deeper into the holes, and crevices of porous surfaces leaving your tile with a dirty residue causing haze and an unclean surface. Our powerful tile cleaning extraction system blast out the round in dirt and extracts it away. This leave a smooth-to-the-touch surface that is surely to be clean and residue free. 

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Cleaning Tile and Grout by a Professional

Professional tile and grout cleaning equipment is far and away the superior way to clean deep down and thoroughly. Since our system uses high pressure solution and extraction to pull impossible to reach dirt away, this minimizes the use of chemicals on your hard surface floors. Too much chemical can be the reason your tile has residues left behind which causes the unsightly hazy look. Rug Geek has done hundreds of tile and grout cleaning projects. We’ve done the ground work and education to train our technicians to be able to cleaning any type of hard surface floors, including man made or natural stone. Your hard surface floors are in good hands.