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carpet maintenance tips

Carpet Maintenance Tips

Carpet Maintenance Tip#1 Vacuum more often

Carpet maintenance tip #1, you should definitely be to vacuum more.  Keeping your carpets from deteriorating too fast means to keep the dirt and debris out of it as much as possible. Therefore, vacuum at least two times a week and more if the room gets a lot of traffic. The more your vacuum the less often you would have to hire a professional carpet cleaner.

Although, we could not emphasize enough how important it is to stay on a regular cleaning schedule. Vacuuming is the best defense against early premature degradation of carpet fibers. Dirt and debris left inside your carpet act as an abrasive cutting compound as you walk over it. Of course, the pressure applied by walking over it makes the debris cut into the carpet fibers. In turn, this contributes to the forming of traffic wear patterns throughout your home.

Keep your vacuum running optimally. Change the bag or empty the canister before it gets full. Check for debris like hair, string, and fibers getting caught up in the rotating brushes.  Likewise, check the hose to see if anything is blocking the airflow. If you have ever had new carpet installed, you’ll find that when vacuuming more carpet fibers than usual are vacuumed up, than that of older carpets.

Tip #2 Take off your shoes

It’s always best to take off shoes before coming into the house. Most days when we are out and about, we are walking over dirt, asphalt parking lots, and a host of other debris. All these places leave oil, dirt, who know what else on the bottom of our shoes. Naturally, if we get in the habit of removing shoes at the door we won’t bring that stuff in the house onto our clean floors. Invest in a pair of house shoes that stays inside.

Tip #3 Prepare a carpet cleaning kit

Prepare a spot carpet maintenance kit that you can access everything you need quickly. This should include your favorite carpet cleaning spot remover. Perhaps, something eco-friendly with little no harsh chemicals.  Include white rags that can be used to blot spills. Colored rags can possibly transfer color onto the carpet if you are using chemicals.  It goes without saying that you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for any store bought spot remover.

Tip #4 Clean carpet before it’s too dirty

This tip is a must. Of course, how often you get your carpets cleaned depends on how much traffic they get. A household with kid or pets, or even both will have to be cleaned more those a home that doesn’t. If your carpeting is a lighter color then, you may want to clean more frequently due to the fact these light color show dirt more easily. Call Ruggeek at (770)466-8600 and schedule and carpet cleaning appointment. You can read more information on our website at

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