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Carpet Repair

      Ruggeek offers the best in carpet repair. We can correct any unsightly bulges, holes, and tears that would normally have been strategically covered up. Let us help you make your walking areas look and feel their best. Our technicians have experience in dealing with permanent stains left behind by lipstick, juices, bleach, melted carpet, torn thresholds, seams, and any other complex problems. So, you can depend on us to solve your carpet repair needs.

Carpet Repair Services

        Sometimes cleaning carpet isnt enough to get out a difficult stain. Over time due to a number of reasons such as temperature changes, moving furniture, or even poor install can cause carpet to ripple, pull up from tac strip, and bulging. Let our trained carpet repair specialist return your carpet back to the way it should be. Of course, bleach spots and tears would normally be a permanent stain. However, these situations call for a different solution. One solution is patching areas that have no other way of being removed. This is inexpensive option rather than replacing your carpet. A Ruggeek technician can do an on-site evaluation of any trouble spots you may have, and offer an alternative solution such as a patch to remove unsightly spots or damage. wiki tips

carpet restretch


We can stretch out ripples, bulges and buckling. Have your room go from a walking hazard to a smooth tight surface again. 

carpet seam


No more strategically covering up spots that cannot be cleaned. A simple patch job can permanently remove any unsightly tears or stains.  

carpet restretching


 Most can relate to a frayed threshold from our furry friends clawing at the doorway. Even a seam that has come apart over years of use. We can fix these problems seamlessly.