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football season preparation

Football Season

Football Season Preparation

Football season preparation is in full swing. There’s nothing like Atlanta Falcons or Georgia Bulldog football in the south. With the right preparation your football game parties can go off without a hitch. Let Ruggeek guide the way and help you make your party the best in the neighborhood. Everybody wants to impress their friends and family with the ultimate game time setup. So before you break out the grill, chips, wings and seven layer dip lets prep a little first.

Prep the house and your yard for festivities

Obviously, if you plan on having a lot of guest over to the house it’s time to prep the outside first. Pick up trash around the yard, rake some leaves and cut the grass. Move vehicles around and make room for parking. Have some good lighting outside in case people decide to take the party outdoors. Prep the grill and get it cleaned up and ready for the burger and hot dogs. Of course, a little team spirit never hurt anyone, so decorate outside a little with your favorite team banners.

Likewise, on the inside a little prep goes a long way for your guest. Also, bring in some extra chairs for more sitting area, and perhaps more tables to lay out your spread of delicious game time snacks. Also, don’t worry about people spilling drinks or food. Check our website for a step by step guide to remove any spots that get on your carpet or upholstery.

Game time Spread

As always as a part of football season preparation, give your guest something good to eat. Break out your best chips and dips. Order your wings and pizza, and make your best chili recipe. If you need more snack ideas try these. Also, layout the spread on the counter and extra tables if you need them in a buffet style. This will make it easier for guest to serve themselves and comeback for seconds. Also, use recyclable utensils and plates if you can ( in won’t hurt).

football season preparation


Post Game Clean Up

Again don’t sweat the small stuff  too much on the carpet. Perhaps, some have gotten a little rambunctious and spilled some sort of beer, wine or soda on your favorite rug and piece of furniture. Schedule and appointment with us soon after the party and there is a good chance most anything that was spilled can be gotten up if you don’t let it sit too long. Call anytime to ask for free advice for spot removal,  get a quote for carpet and upholstery cleaning, or book a cleaning appointment. (770) 466-8600


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