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How to prepare your home for restretching.

I’ve been getting the question a lot lately about when is a good time to replace your carpet. That is a great question and a relative one at that. We will save that answer for another post. However, I want to cover the answer to how to prep your home for when you are getting ready to replace your carpet. If you are to the point where it’s time to call a professional flooring company to come out and install new carpet or get restretching done to existing carpet. Well take note and we’ll go through the steps you should take to make the process easy.

Different ways to prepare for an easy repair job

1. Clear out furniture and clutter

So now your professional flooring or carpet repair company has scheduled your appointment to come out. What do you do next? The idea is to make the restretch or install job as easy for both yourself and the installers. Start by preparing all the rooms that work will take place in. Clear out all furniture if possible ahead of time. This could actually save you money! The less work involved for the installers the less money you will have to part with.

Pick up any small items such as shoes, clothing, paper work, etc. When the repair guys show up they are not there to clean house let them focus on what they do best. If you have any expensive items in the rooms where work will be done, remove them. This way there will be no chance of them getting accidentally broken.

2. Keep children, pets, and everyone out of the way

When the repair company is working, keep one thing in mind they are working! It’s best to let them stayed focused on their job so they can deliver to you the best repair or install job ever. It’s always best to keep the little ones from running about the house especially in work areas. The tools that installers use are very sharp, heavy, and can be dangerous if your little guy or girl were to start playing with them. Pets also have a tendency to put things in their mouths. The last thing we need is for Sparky to start playing with a carpet cutting knife, or a sharp pointed restretching tool.

3. Keep clear pathways in the house for workers coming in an out.

This point may be overlooked the most. Although, it’s great that all the above steps have been done, just don’t forget this one. Keep in mind workers will be coming in and out through the front door, back door, or garage carrying equipment or supplies. Sometimes their line of sight might be limiting if they are carrying a role of padding, carpet, or retretching tools. They could easily trip over an object, a person, or animal. For everyone’s safety keep the pathways as clear as possible.


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